ParentPay Account Sign Up & Registration

ParentPay is an online service that provides easy solutions for parents to pay fees. It allows them to make online payments for their kid’s school items like uniforms, fees, trips, meals, and a lot more. If you are a parent and are looking to avail these services, then please read this post on ParentPay Account Sign Up.

ParentPay Account registration

Setting up an account is rather simple and easy. The official website offers guidance if you want to make an account. If your school is already using ParentPay or planning on using it, then it might a great idea that you can sign up. Here is how.

ParentPay Account Sign Up

  • First of all, you can’t register on your own.
  • If you want an account, contact your school and they will send you a letter.
  • It will have your activation details like username and password.
  • There are instructions on it which you have to follow to set up an account.
  • After you’ve done so, you can check and top-up your account balance.
  • You can also subscribe to email or text notifications.

A ParentPay Account is very safe and secure and the transactions are safely received by the school. You can even set a daily limit so that your kid can spend only what you want.

This was a pretty simple procedure as you already have your activation/login details. All you have to do is visit and Log in with those details. For more info, visit ParentPayLogin.